Some of the unique service benefits of RVM Assist.


Service consolidation

A unique benefit of RVM is in the way we bring several risk management services together as one truly consolidated program. We offer our clients one agreement and deliver the program as one service, from one dedicated team, on one number, in one location, through one IT application, for one price. The benefit of consolidating the data is that the whole picture (including assessment results, checks and training) is visible on one screen, driver to driver comparisons are possible and fleet risk performance over time also becomes transparent.


Proactive risk rectification

When we identify a medium risk that can easily be rectified through liaison with the driver such as updating an address or arranging an MOT, our dedicated personal risk managers will arrange to rectify the problem without simply passing it back to the client. This is an aspect of our service that is valued very highly by our clients.

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Scope of tailor-made risk alerts

Over time, RVM has embedded coding within its software designed to highlight all ‘non- standard’ risks by comparing what we have put into the system against a ‘Risk Register’, which forms a blueprint of all the risk tolerances the client has set as maximums through the implementation stage of our programs. Our unique benefit relates to the extensive range of risks upon which alerts are calculated with the result that no risk data can be applied to a driver that exceeds acceptable risk criteria without an automatic alert being produced.


Commitments and Guarantees

As an industry-first, RVM has created a meaningful set of commitments and guarantees covering the most important aspects of our service. These provide confidence to existing and prospective clients as well as bring sharp focus to our operational teams.


Effectiveness of risk reduction

RVM offers its clients the benefit of the broadest range of risk reduction services in the UK, which means the conclusions we draw about a driver are driven by the broadest sources of discovered risk data. Whilst we cannot guarantee the rate or level to which fleet risk will fall, we believe our broad sets of risk data are most likely to generate the most accurate decisions about remedial action.


RVM ‘Business Driving Permits’

RVM offers a physical card to drivers, which displays the phone number of the allocated personal risk manager and a unique driver number so that all risk data can be allocated to the correct driver. This represents the driver’s permit to drive on business for the client company. Each card is rated per the driver’s risk profile and placed on one of five levels. The highest two levels (representing lowest risk) would qualify for entry into the RVM incentive scheme which attracts awards designed to encourage safe driving.

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“The reason we continue to partner with RVM as an outsourced provider of accident management services to our fleet customers is because, in the last 10 years we have rarely had to intervene, our feedback from users is positive and the support offered to our sales department is always polite and efficient”

Jim Hannah, Operations Director, Ogilvie Fleet


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