Some of the unique service benefits of RVM Assist.


Data consolidation

We bring multiple risk services together into one Driver Safety Record created by one dedicated team. We input (via various methods) all risk results into that record despite the variation in source so that every risk event is accurately allocated against each enrolled driver.

The main benefit of consolidating risk data is that our prescribed remedies result in more effective risk reduction because they are drawn from a more accurate and comprehensive diagnosis.


Proactive risk rectification

When non-compliant low-level risks are identified, our teams work proactively with the driver to rectify the problem as opposed to simply notifying the client that a problem exists. This is a highly valued aspect of our service.

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Automatic risk alerts

The RVM system instantly spots all non-standard new risk data by reference to the client’s own ‘Risk Register’, which details all risk thresholds agreed at implementation. This covers all risk types and risk events and represents the initial machine-based filter of non-standard risks. The second filter is a human review to sense check the alerts produced by the system.


Rose index

We know that driving-safety is about drivers as well as the organisations they work within. In response, RVM has created its own Driving-safety Culture Assessment tool called the Rose Index (after its founder), which aims to measure annually the level of safety culture within an organisation on the basis that safety culture is a primary influencer of fleet risk. This new kind of assessment is designed to highlight areas for improvement, which when implemented, will create downwards pressure on risk at the organisational level.


Effectiveness of risk reduction

RVM offers its clients the benefit of the broadest range of risk reduction services in the UK (including a full claims management service).
We diagnose driver risk using forensic tools and prescribe remedies designed specifically in sympathy with that diagnosis.
Whilst we cannot guarantee the rate or level to which fleet risk will fall, we believe our approach is the most effective. This is confirmed by the Case Studies we have published.


Driver intervention

Telematics and cameras generally record data passively, assessment tools are used as indicators. Much is done in the background currently. By contrast, RVM is a proactive risk reduction company that is inquisitive. We are constantly looking for the answers to why risk occurred and what would be the best way to resolve it. As a result we know who to intervene with, how best to approach that intervention, what we want to gain and how best to support the driver going forwards.

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“The reason we continue to partner with RVM as an outsourced provider of accident management services to our fleet customers is because, in the last 10 years we have rarely had to intervene, our feedback from users is positive and the support offered to our sales department is always polite and efficient”

Jim Hannah, Operations Director, Ogilvie Fleet


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