Diana Rose

Managing Director

“Having worked within all the areas of activity within RVM since I joined in 2005, I have a good understanding of what our clients want and what we’re capable of delivering. Our raw materials are the excellent members of staff that deliver services to our drivers, fleets and partners and my objective is to make sure they are always willing and able to rise to the challenges we face. Creativity, integrity and industry are the watchwords for me and I am constantly energised by the cut and thrust of driving forward this busy and capable business”

Paul Rose


“Having spent 30 years in the fleet sector, I guess I’m one of the dinosaurs now. I’ve watched the evolution of the market and know that our consolidated solution really does reduce driving risk and therefore represents a compelling proposition. In truth, most fleets struggle to consolidate, analyse and implement the best solutions from all the road risk data sources that are available to them and this is where our strengths lie. I am as enthusiastic as I was three decades ago and will always be driven to find the best solutions for our customers”

Angela Sorley

Operations Manager

“I joined RVM from the insurance world in 1999 and have now gained a detailed knowledge of what we can do and I am convinced we offer a very close match with what our clients need. My role requires an eye for detail and our system plays a huge role in that. We have a stable and self-configurable IT application that copes perfectly with our multi-client, multi-supplier and multi-service needs and from an operational viewpoint it really plays a huge part in our success”

Andrew Shore

Accounts Manager

“I’m now into my second decade with RVM and that says a lot about the great people I work with. My role is to make sure my department reflects all the transactions the Operations and Sales departments generate and to keep that relationship tight. We have a great reputation in the marketplace for our high-quality service and I make sure that reputation extends to the way we deal with our suppliers too”

“The reason we continue to partner with RVM as an outsourced provider of accident management services to our fleet customers is because, in the last 10 years we have rarely had to intervene, our feedback from users is positive and the support offered to our sales department is always polite and efficient”

Jim Hannah, Operations Director, Ogilvie Fleet


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