Driving Behaviour Assessment and Compliance Service

Telematics uses technology to monitor driving behaviour (such as harsh braking and cornering) which is critical in the assessment of driving risk. The data is real-time and current and is therefore a highly reliable risk indicator. RVM offers a telematics monitoring service to identify poor driving as well as to evidence that the telematics system is being regularly viewed and acted upon.

We look for trends and patterns as well as specifying course content to a driver trainer from identified driving habits. We also look for reasons behind a pattern of driver behaviour and specify remedial action designed to help avoid those behaviours that lead to increased driving risk.

Our aim is to achieve an early intervention with a driver who is displaying high risk driving and predict which drivers are most likely to increase future risk. Also, we set results alongside other data sets to arrive at the most appropriate remedial action.

01. Analysis of footage from an in-vehicle camera

When managing a motor claim, video footage can by pivotal in a liability dispute. Also, an employer may need evidence to support a driver’s account of a risk event such as an injury claim or a notice of intended prosecution.

We have pre-agreed protocols in place that relate to who is allowed to see the footage before we share it with drivers, line managers, passengers, third parties, the insurer, the broker, the authorities or any other party.

Our objective is to use the technology for the advantage of the fleet client including the opportunity to reduce potential litigation arising from or to third parties in motor claims.

Telematics analysis
RVM agrees through the implementation process the tolerance levels and acceptable frequency of driving infringements measured by the client’s own choice of telematics provider. We interact with several of the leading telematics systems to draw off high-risk driving behaviour statistics and look for improvement opportunities. This points us towards more accurate specification of driver training course material as well as identifying non-compliance issues.

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