“The best way to win and retain fleet business is to help reduce claim frequency so the annual insurance premium is stable and reducing” - Diana Rose, MD of RVM Assist Ltd

What’s Involved

The annual re-negotiation with insurers and fleets involves a review of claim costs, level of cover, numbers of drivers, vehicle types and of course, the policies the fleet has towards driving safety, and many other key aspects of insurance renewal.

Add Value

Brokers have an interest in helping fleets to reduce driving risk in order to protect their loss ratios with insurers, which in turn gives them access to good fleet insurance rates from well-rated fleet insurers.

This allows brokers to continue to offer competitive quotes for their fleet customers, which helps them to retain business and grow.

This virtuous circle all starts with good fleet risk management, which is why RVM supports fleet insurance brokers who seek to add value to the fleets they serve by offering a unique fleet risk reduction program alongside the broker’s own services.

By choosing RVM, fleet insurance brokers gain very relevant advantages:

  • As a single provider of all fleet risk services, the supply chain (and accountability) is much simpler
  • The ‘claims’ function can be handled by the broker, left with the insurer helpline or outsourced to RVM (via an over-branded scheme if required)
  • Insurers may look at offering a ‘contribution’ towards genuine schemes such as ours
  • Our fixed price scheme is easy to understand and easy to add to the motor fleet premium
  • Fleets can choose one or all the services in the suite of risk solutions
  • Our broad range of high-quality services increases the attraction of the broking proposition
  • The sales support we offer increases resource and technical risk management abilities

Ready? So are we.

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