We are in the business of protecting drivers, reducing accident
frequency (to bring down fleet insurance costs) and thereby
safeguarding the reputation of our clients.

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We use whatever intelligence we can gather in order to more effectively achieve these goals.

As a part of the RVM service, we now supply highly visible and legible stickers for ALL vehicle types that suggest to members of the public that they can anonymously report incidents (via the web or via an 0800 number), both good and bad, relating to the driving of our client’s vehicles.

To maximise the benefit of this type of service, it should always therefore be considered alongside (and integrated within) a broad scope risk management program such as “Full Circle” from RVM Assist.

Although ratethisdriver.co.uk is a ‘how’s-my-driving’ style solution, it has been specifically developed as an in-house RVM service that complements our Full Circle suite of risk management solutions by being seamlessly integrated into our systems, website, reports and operational processes.

So how does ratethisdriver.co.uk work operationally?

We supply (and fit where requested) one sticker to the rear of each vehicle covered under the scheme. Thereafter we record and analyse all reported events, whether via the website or by telephone, (24 hours a day) and frankly – that’s the easy bit.

Thereafter, our Personal Risk Managers investigate the circumstances, update the driver safety record and prepare an incident report. This report is set in the context of other risk data we gather from claims experience, licence check results, telematics data analysis and/or online assessment results.

We can implement remedial action if appropriate and once our recommendations have been presented and agreed with the client.

The benefits of ratethisdriver.co.uk can be summarised as follows:

Drivers become more aware of their driving style, which has the knock-on effect of improving fuel economy and reducing road traffic incidents

Reported incidents help to build up a more accurate overall risk profile of the driver by being set alongside other relevant risk data

The nature of the reported risks can demonstrate driving habits and thereby form the basis of more effective driver training

The reports are impartially administered and generated anonymously and therefore drivers respect the scheme.

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Please note:

If you choose to share your personal information with us, it will NOT be shared with the driver/owner/insurer of the vehicle.

We only use your contact details to let you know of the outcome of your report and to gather more details of the incident from you if we require.

Ratethisdriver is a trading style of RVM Assist Limited of Jason House, Suite 4, Kerry Hill, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 4JR. Tel: 0113 224 8800



The information you provide is set alongside other driving risk measures we gather for this driver.

After considering the incident details and checking the authenticity of the comments made, we may choose to share the incident details with the driver’s employer.

We may also recommend to the employer that the driver attend an appropriate driver training course to rectify driving habits demonstrated in the information you provide.

That information is not shared with any other parties unless the nature of the incident requires us to report it to the relevant authorities by law.

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