Consistent Driver Assessment Service

At RVM we offer options to our clients when it comes to choosing online assessment products. This means we remain flexible enough to incorporate any preferences our clients many have. A key choice in the market is between a knowledge-based method of assessing drivers and a psychometric-based approach.

Our role is to present the advantages of both so the client can decide which of them best suits their needs. Thereafter, we:

  • Co-ordinate the delivery and timely completion of the online assessment sessions
  • Identify and validate unacceptable risks that arise
  • Set the results in context with other gathered risk data
  • Make recommendations from a range of remedial tools
01. Knowledge-based Assessment Option:
  • Attitude – how likely is the driver to take risks?
  • Knowledge – how well does the driver know road signs, markings, and laws?
  • Concentration/observation – how observant is the driver?
  • Hazard perception – can the driver pick up vital clues to hazards ahead?
02. Psychometric-based Assessment Option:
  • Based upon analysing behaviour at the wheel as opposed to driving skills
  • Designed to benchmark how drivers choose to apply their driving skills
  • Drivers are profiled based on behavioural factors such as aggression, fatigue, thrill-seeking etc.
  • Interventions based on e-learning and coaching are designed to mitigate high risk tendencies
03. By risk-assessing drivers online we aim to:
  • Profile all drivers using a consistent tool so comparisons can be made
  • Pinpoint drivers who need additional support and training and in what
  • Raise the profile of safety awareness across all drivers
  • Satisfy an area of legal compliance
  • Identify online training needs to reduce in-vehicle training expense
  • Profile new employees as a part of the recruitment process

Online assessment USB’s
We offer a choice between knowledge-based or psychometric-based assessments
We proactively issue new and chase up late sessions with drivers.
We set results alongside other gathered data before calculating an overall driver risk profile
We issue automatic alerts for those sessions that produce high risk results
We include these sessions in all new driver induction programs

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