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Penalties for using a mobile phone at the wheel have recently been doubled by the Government and with good reason when you consider the evidence behind the change.

In response, RVM Assist is delighted to offer a service that reliably identifies
who, when, where and why drivers are using their mobile phones illegally.

Illegal use of a mobile phone includes infringements such as making/taking a voice call without a hands-free connection, responding to messages whilst driving and handling the mobile for any other reason whilst driving.

This new service addresses one of the biggest causes of road traffic accidents on UK roads and provides vital insights to employers, Insurers, and parents.

In simple terms, once registered with RVM, the service uses technology to deter the use of the mobile phone and recognise when a driver is handling the mobile phone whilst driving.

RVM’s mission is to reduce claim frequency and increase driving safety and legal compliance, therefore, this new service is designed specifically to contribute to achieving all three of these goals, which are also aligned with our client’s own risk management objectives.

01. Benefits of the service
  • Reduced distraction from mobile phones = reduced road traffic incidents
  • Educational tool for drivers who eventually comply with the company mobile policy
  • Reduced insurance costs for the fleet
  • Increased road safety compliance
  • Less potential liability for the Directors
  • Better Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Safer driving
02. Features of the service
  • Availability of management information so that clients can interrogate historical driver performance
  • The issuing of alerts so that clients (or RVM) can take immediate action to validate infringements directly with drivers
  • Optional online driver training courses supplied by RVM that are specifically designed to reinforce the safety message surrounding mobile phone use

The service can be integrated within the range of risk reduction services RVM Assist already delivers or indeed it can be deployed as a stand-alone solution.

The cost of the service will vary according to scale and scope but starts from less than £0.10p per day per registered mobile.

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