Is Fleet Risk Data weighing you down?

BIG DATA – The Problem

It is now quite common for a fleet to have a licence checking supplier, a claims provider, an online assessment and training supplier, a telematics supplier, an on-board camera supplier, a tachograph analysis provider, a fuel card provider….. and the list goes on.

With current pressures it is therefore highly unlikely that all the feedback from all these suppliers is used all of the time before deciding who is responsible for high risk, how serious is it and what should be the most appropriate response.

Apart from the issue of sheer volume, the number one issue this information represents, relates to deciphering the detail.  In other words, deciding what risks need worrying about and how to make sure agreed limits of risk are not exceeded.

Sequentially, the number two issue is to identify how often the risk limits are exceeded and more importantly – why is that the case.  The answers to these questions are contained within the information from all these suppliers – but where?

The number three issue relates to the current fashion to monitor drivers and driving behaviour. The resources employed in the assessment phase often outweigh those spent on remedial action, which limits the chance of reducing risk.  This can result in drivers feeling over-measured and under-supported.

Some fleets try to get suppliers to raise alerts when the risk limits have been breached but that isn’t always reliable and unless all the data from all suppliers is carefully allocated to each driver, you can’t see if the alert was a one-off or whether it forms a pattern of behaviour for that driver.


SMART DATA – The answer


The answer of course, is to seek out a risk provider that specialises in the consolidation and analysis of gathered risk data – such as RVM Assist ltd

RVM Assist Ltd is one of the longest-established providers of fleet risk reduction services to the fleet market (see and offers one of the broadest ranges of consolidated risk solutions.  Our success is based on keeping things straightforward and consistently demonstrating success for our clients.  If you have a hybrid requirement, in which existing and new services need bringing together as a single cohesive program, then make a call to RVM.

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Paul R Rose – Director



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