Compliance and Assessment Service

This service checks the licences and roadworthiness of drivers and their own vehicles when used on business. This check service offers compliance to the fleet, as grey fleets are generally invisible, older and less well maintained. Business journeys by these fleet drivers therefore represent a potentially high risk to fleets.

We identify risks that fall outside acceptable risk criteria set out by the fleet such as validity of driving licence, MOT, Road Tax and business insurance cover. We represent the interface between the employer and the driver in performing these checks. We also support the service by producing automatic risk alerts and management reports.

We look to protect the reputation of the fleet and the directors of the client fleets as well as improving the performance of the grey fleet in representing the fleet client in business.

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Grey Fleet Control USB’s
RVM pursues grey fleet compliance data proactively from the driver and maintains the collated records within its own system from where non-compliance is automatically alerted. We also rectify medium risk anomalies without recourse to the client which saves time and ensures compliance is not compromised. Additionally, RVM offers to expand the service to measure several other aspects of grey fleet risk data, which may hold specific interest for certain clients.

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