Which drivers cause what kind of risk,
Why is that the case and what should we do about it?


Our objective is to help our clients to demonstrate compliance with health and safety law as well as to protect drivers and to reduce claim frequency.

On behalf of clients, RVM therefore uses the broadest set of measures to identify:

  • drivers who appear to represent a driving risk
  • instances of high risk that need immediate attention
  • the most appropriate remedial action to rectify the discovered risks
  • what future strategy would maintain low driving risk

We advise our clients at each stage of this process.

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01. Implementation stage

Creating Safety Policies – Driver recruitment priorities – New Driver Inductions – Program specifications – Setting maximum risk thresholds – Choice of risk assessment tools.


02. Risk monitoring stage

How to maintain ongoing driver contact – When to repeat checks – The significance of new claim notifications – What Telematics data feeds tell us – False positive Camera alerts – Comparing risk levels to pre-agreed thresholds – Identifying actionable outcomes.

03. Driver intervention stage

When to intervene – Why intervene with the driver – How should intervention occur – How to properly investigate causation factors – How to achieve driver buy-in – What remedies are appropriate – Identifying health and safety concerns.

04. Risk rectification and review stage

Implementing remedies – Ensuring timely delivery – Measuring proportionate response – Examining level of effectiveness – Account management function – Management reporting support – Adjusting future strategy and tactics.

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The good thing about RVM is not just the scope of the service but how they consider all aspects of the gathered data.

Peter Cox, Group Transport Manager, CLEAN

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