Effective Remedial Action Service

As the principal form of remedial action, this element of RVM’s service is also the most flexible. We offer online e-learning, in-vehicle, and seminar-based driver training.

We make a difference by using all the various pieces of driver intelligence we have gathered to decide what type of training and what course material would be most appropriate under the circumstances we have discovered.

We also differentiate our service by recommending training that is proportionate to the identified risk so there’s never a big bill for a small risk.

RVM also recognises the need for specialist training designed to address driving behaviour issues. This is in recognition that the best drivers from a technical viewpoint sometimes use their skills in the wrong way on the road.

As well as providing bespoke training courses, we also offer a variety of other driver training courses such as Defensive Driver Training, SAFED, UK Familiarisation, Advanced Driving and many more. These courses are designed to help reduce the frequency of accidents, improve driver performance and save money.

RVM provides training courses for every type of vehicle including commercial vehicles.

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RVM has a large amount of risk information at its fingertips (due to the scope of our programs) and this provides us with a unique insight as to who should attend what type of driver training course, why that is the case, when, what the course material should be and what was the result? Feedback from training courses is yet another element of driving risk analysis for RVM. Additionally, RVM guarantees to re-train drivers without charge in certain circumstances.

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