Dash-Cam footage + Telematics = Data overload for fleets?

So, it seems Cameras and Telematics systems have made big inroads to fleets in the last few years and what good news that is generally. However, are fleets now in danger of data overload as a result?

The questions for fleets are now based around who is looking at this data and how often? How can we filter out all the images and data that we’re not really interested in? How reliable are the results and can we rely on them to be consistent and comparable? Even if we could identify the ‘important’ stuff, how do we decide what action to take from it?

Many fleets will relate to these questions because resource is scarce and the fleet department already has more tasks than it can cope with effectively. The answer is not to panic because there are good answers to these questions that are available in the marketplace right now.

In a perfect world, a desirable solution would monitor telematics and camera data every second and perform such a task with any hardware on the market. Ideally, the false alerts and images would be filtered out so no time is wasted and clear management reports should point to the relevant risks that require action. Finally, it would be great to know what action to take.

The dashcam footage should allow us to identify driver-training needs, to minimise third party claims and to maximise loss recoveries. It should allow us to identify fraudulent claims, to protect our brand reputation and to contribute towards the evidence we need for our duty of care.

The telematics data should allow us to identify a crash straightaway so savings can be made by intervening early with the third party. It should also lead to those drivers who regularly trigger harsh driving events so we can intervene before the inevitable happens.

This is all available through RVM data monitoring service and we would be delighted to share with you how we achieve such a compelling result.

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