Client details

Reach Plc (known previously as Trinity Mirror Group) is the largest national and regional multimedia content publisher in the UK, comprising national and regional news-brands across the country.

Period of Analysis

2015, 2016 and 2017

The Scenario

  • The Group has evolved through acquisition resulting in several semi-autonomous business units
  • Previous efforts in reducing risk had been handled internally, sporadic in nature and incomplete
  • No central record existed to demonstrate gathered driving risk data per driver or business unit
  • The number of drivers on the main fleet has averaged at around 1000 over the last 3 years.
  • Insurance cover has been fully comprehensive with a £1,000 policy excess on accident damage.
  • Prior to our involvement the claims ratio was around 40%

The Challenge

The decision to appoint RVM was partly driven by a desire to evidence legal compliance and a duty of care, however, an equally important objective was to reduce the frequency and cost of insurance and road traffic accidents.

The Program

We proposed an outsourced and consolidated risk program to run alongside the pre-existing accident management service that we were initially engaged to handle. The full program entailed:

  • Close interaction with drivers by our Personal Risk Managers
  • Regular review meetings and recommendations
  • Timely delivery of remedies that were relevant and appropriate to the discovered risk

The following services were included:

  • Accident Management
  • Licence checking
  • Online Driver assessments
  • Online Driver Training
  • Driver Workshop Training
  • Grey Fleet monitoring

The Results

  • The insurance premium fell in the third year of the program by 20%
  • The uninsured costs fell in year three by 40% compared to year 1
  • Third-party costs have reduced over the three-year period by 20%
  • Claim numbers over the period also dropped by approximately 40%

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