Risk Causation and Cost Control Service

RVM offers a full accident management service that focuses on causation factors, produces risk alerts, links with driver training and supports drivers with a personal risk manager.

We take an ethical and proactive approach to getting vehicles back on the road after an accident and we always use the least-cost route in tandem with operational considerations.

01. Advantages of integrating the RVM claims service within a risk program
  • A successful risk reduction program will give confidence for a fleet to buy less insurance by increasing the policy excess or by moving to third party cover
  • Decisions about when and whether to involve the Insurer can have a big influence on the own damage element of the motor fleet insurance premium
  • We gather detailed claim causation factors at the first notification stage of a claim, which highlights improvement opportunities and feeds into risk reduction tactics
  • Decisions about the method of repair and negotiation of better repair terms can drive down average repair costs, which influences the motor fleet insurance premium
  • The claim stats will demonstrate whether the risk program is driving down the frequency and cost of motor accidents
  • Use of telematics-based video assists in both ULR and TP claims negotiation

Accident Management logically sits within the specialist area of risk and insurance because of the link with the motor fleet premium and the operational and reputational risk that accidents pose.

Our aim is to detect driving improvement opportunities, put downward pressure on average repair costs as well as other costs associated with accidents such as replacement vehicle costs.

The service also allows us to measure how effectively the remedial action is reducing claim frequency.

01. Service Overview
  • First Notification of Loss helpline (24 hour, 365 days)
  • Vehicle Recovery service (24 hour, 365 days)
  • Alternative Transport provision (24 hour, 365 days)
  • Damage estimating and engineering assessments
  • Repair co-ordination (i.e. deployment, quality, coverage)
  • Vehicle downtime control
  • Uninsured loss recovery
  • Monthly scheduled billing
  • Third party intervention and negotiation
02. Accident management USB’s
  • We offer 24-hour telephone access with no voicemail or call-queuing
  • We issue automatic high risk alerts for a series of different accident risk types
  • We use a forensic approach to causation factors to identify ‘why’ the incident occurred
  • We assess claims data alongside other gathered risk data to profile drivers
  • We measure average repair cost consistently to demonstrate the ‘true’ costs
  • We use causation factors to build targeted driver-specific training solutions

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