Risk Causation and Cost Control Service

In the UK it is rare for a risk management provider to offer a full accident management solution as an integrated element of the same program but that is just what RVM clients enjoy.

Our service follows established processes in the way it focuses on driver support, downtime control, repair cost and loss recovery.

However, we add value by introducing new benefits such as:

⦁ Placing emphasis during FNOL on why the incident occurred
⦁ Creating instant alerts based on severity and regular claimants
⦁ Linking high risk claimants directly with appropriate remedies
⦁ Linking claimants directly with their allocated Personal Risk Manager

We take an ethical approach in operating on behalf of our clients by always mitigating the charges we incur. This means we always choose the least-cost route (considering operational requirements) in terms of alternative transport, repair method, claiming on the policy, vehicle recovery and other associated claim costs, without comprising quality of service.

01. Why integrate claims to a risk program
  • Accident Management logically sits within the specialist area of risk and insurance because of the link with the motor fleet premium and the operational and reputational risk that accidents pose.
  • Claim statistics demonstrate whether or not the chosen risk remedies are effectively driving down the frequency and cost of motor accidents.
  • Driver convenience is increased by having just one contact (their allocated Personal Risk Manager) for all risk and accident elements of the program.
  • Client convenience increases as management reports include claims and risk as one report. One review meeting satisfies a much broader suite of solutions. Pricing is simpler. Accountability increases.

Our aim is to detect driving improvement opportunities, put downward pressure on average repair costs as well as other costs associated with accidents such as replacement vehicle costs.

The service also allows us to measure how effectively the remedial action is reducing claim frequency.

01. Service Overview
  • First Notification of Loss helpline (24 hours, 365 days)
  • Vehicle Recovery service (24 hours, 365 days)
  • Alternative Transport provision (24 hours, 365 days)
  • Damage estimating and engineering assessments
  • Repairer co-ordination (i.e. deployment, quality, coverage)
  • Vehicle downtime control
  • Uninsured loss recovery & third party claims handling
  • Monthly scheduled billing
02. Unique Service Opportunities
  • Once we reduce claim frequency, the fleet will be confident enough to increase the policy excess to further reduce the insurance premium.
  • Decisions about when and whether to involve the Insurer can be controlled by RVM, which can influence the amount of premium charged.
  • By investigating claim causation at the first notification stage, we can short-circuit the route to more effective improvement opportunities.
  • Our advantageous repairer terms and sound decision-making regarding repair method drives down average repair costs, which contributes to lower premiums.
  • We set claims data in the context of other gathered risk data in order to find any correlation that may indicate a pattern of high risk

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