Approach to reducing fleet risks

We recognise that a one-size-fits-all risk program does not suit every fleet, all of the time.  In fact, every fleet has a unique risk profile based on the uniqueness of the drivers they employ and the history, hierarchy and culture of the organisation.

There are other reasons why RVM doesn’t offer a ‘standard’ solution to controlling driving risk:

  • Some fleets prefer to do very little to control risk and others are very proactive.
  • Some have internal risk functions, whilst others tend to outsource it entirely.
  • Some fleets want to be legally compliant whereas others need lower claims frequency
  • Some prefer to spend more on assessing drivers than on remedial action

 How does RVM work?

  • Our programs are designed to enhance what the fleet already has in place in terms of risk reduction initiatives so that we fulfil the ultimate customer goal

Who is RVM?

RVM Assist is a national fleet risk consultancy as well as being an experienced and full-service provider of one of the broadest ranges of fleet risk management solutions available from one UK supplier.

Typical customer type?

For us, a fleet is made up of drivers, to whom our attention is focused as they have a direct impact on their fleet risk.  It doesn’t matter to us how many there are in the fleet, or what they drive, or where they come from.

What next?

A short phone call will highlight if and how RVM could transform your current risk activities into a program that delivers the safety, cost savings and compliance you are expecting.


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