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The good thing about RVM is not just the scope of the service but how they consider all aspects of the gathered data.

Peter Cox, Group Transport Manager, CLEAN

We trust RVM to keep our accident costs down and to make sure we comply with our legal responsibilities. The service never seems to falter although we’ve used them for many years and their solution is simple and effective

Mike Shaw, Group Facilities Director, Trinity Mirror Group plc

The reason we continue to partner with RVM as an outsourced provider of accident management services to our fleet customers is because, in the last 10 years we have rarely had to intervene, our feedback from users is positive and the support offered to our sales department is always polite and efficient

Jim Hannah, Operations Director, Ogilvie Fleet

We find the consolidated way RVM deals with the services and the charges makes a potentially complex area of fleet management extremely straightforward. We pay a fixed amount per month for a very wide range of services and at the end of the year RVM simply tots up what we used compared to what we paid and applies any difference towards the following years’ program

Trevor Coupe, Finance Director, Paul Hartmann Ltd

Since using RVM we have never had to worry about missing a potentially high risk situation as their system seems to capture every aspect of the agreed service. In fact, the best part is probably the way RVM efficiently rectifies some infringements directly with our drivers instead of just passing the problem back to us

Cecil Douglas, Assistant Director of Facilities, Whittington Hospital NHS Trust

Although we’ve never had to rely upon them, it was good to know that RVM is prepared to guarantee their service with some meaningful commitments. It counted for a lot when we were deciding who to recommend to our fleet clients.

Martin Wroe, Managing Director, Toomey Leasing Group Ltd

Before discovering RVM, we were working with some good suppliers but we recognised we weren’t able to consolidate all our fleet risk data in one place therefore it was hard for us to make meaningful decisions. The good thing about RVM is not just the scope of the service but how they consider all aspects of the gathered data. They even took on a couple of our suppliers to ensure we had a seamless transition

Peter Cox, Group Transport Manager, CLEAN

We chose RVM because they bring all the elements of our fleet risk program together as one consolidated solution, which definitely saves us time as a large fleet. In addition, we know that RVM deliver all aspects of their service proactively so we don’t have to chase them for anything and that’s reassuring to know

Mark Turner, Fleet Manager, Elliott Group Ltd

We spent ages looking for the right telematics company and once we finally got board approval and fitted the units, we then struggled to use the data the system generated. Fortunately, RVM offered to regularly analyse the telematics data and feed it into their risk alert system as an integrated part of their proposition.

Trevor Butler, Operations Manager, AD Communications

The Rvm Approach to Fleet Risk Management

RVM delivers fleet risk reduction programs via strategic partners as well as directly to fleet operators. Our programs carry many unique advantages to both partners and fleets in the way they are delivered. The objective is to reduce fleet risk, increase legal compliance and to protect drivers and the fleet’s reputation.

We deliver all services from dedicated in-house teams in one location on one number under one contract. The broad sources of risk data we gather allows us to better identify high risks and prescribe appropriate remedies. We have the experience, systems and suppliers to guarantee and commit to many key aspects of our service.

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