• Driver Licence Checking
    • Identify “at risk” and “banned” drivers
    • Ensure Compliance
  • Driver Training
    • Increase Fuel Efficiency
    • Reduce Incident Frequency
  • Grey Fleet monitoring
    • Compliance Best Practice
    • Proactive Management of data
  • Accident management
    • Increased cost control
    • Reduce time internally
  • On-Line assessments
    • Low cost solution
    • Identify high risks
  • Rate This Driver
    • Driving style vehicle sticker scheme
    • Anonymous reporting of driving incidents
  • Telematics data analysis
    • Identify high risk driving behaviour
    • Make better decisions about remedial action
  • Full Circle
    • A fully integrated road risk solution
    • One contract, one contact, one monthly payment

RVM Assist Logo 2011    Driving Safety Home

Welcome to RVM Assist Ltd.

We are an owner-managed, specialist service provider of Road Risk Management Services to fleets across the UK.

We aspire to become the most trusted and recognised provider of driver-focused road-risk-reduction schemes designed to help fleets to work genuinely towards a crash-free culture.  We protect drivers and the public at large by introducing appropriate culture-change tools to drive the safety message home.

Our mission is to empower our clients to control and reduce driver road risk, protect drivers and reduce the frequency and cost of accidents  by providing online access to real-time driver risk data collated from a number of sources.

This broader view alongside our embedded and tailored risk matrix allows our clients to make a real difference in achieving success.

Choose RVM if you want:

• An all-embracing solution that pulls together fleet risk data
• A web portal offering all the key information you require
• A unique opportunity to maximise the use of fleet risk data
• An embedded risk matrix that alerts you to high risks
• An ability to react quickly to high risks using current risk data
• A broader appreciation of risk causation from multiple sources
• A 12 month program delivered consistently throughout the year
• A personal risk manager allocated to every enrolled driver
• An account manager to ensure ongoing successful delivery
• A flexible approach designed to address your needs
• A transparent and value-driven cost structure

In summary,  the RVM proposition ensures that your company has in place a cohesive and robust solution to identify and reduce your exposure to driving risk and therefore traditional tools (such as driver licence checking, online assessments, accident management, telematics, driver training and grey fleet monitoring) can be accessed through our Full Circle Solution or incorporated through your existing supplier.

For more information about Full Circle, or any of our fleet services, please contact us on 0113 2248888.